Afrispectives is a Dutch based non-profit platform by and for people of African and Afro-Caribbean descent. Through this online space people from all over the world can find each other and exchange stories, creativity, businesses and knowledge. We aim to connect our people so we can find and support each other in the Netherlands and abroad. By connecting, embracing and celebrating our heritage, we aim to redefine our history, present and future from a Pan-African and decolonial perspective.


A story can be anything that you have seen or have heard, or even something you have made yourself.  A story can be a youtube video on an African fashion designer. It could be an Instagram feed from your favourite African photographer, a podcast or music that tells a story about what it means to you to be of African descent. It can be about being black. It can be about colonial history from a black perspective. It can be anything that you think is important! A story that reflects your experience, vision or your passion is always a good story – and a good story is powerful, submit it and let us know why you think it is important to share this story with the rest of the community!

There are many spaces which facilitate media, perspectives and stories about Africa or people of African descent. These spaces often facilitate and include media that have been produced, written or edited by people from non-African descent, potentially and frequently leading to problematic frames or stereotypical, one dimensional images. By facilitating a space that exclusively shares stories from African perspective, we create room for cultural empowerment and knowledge building from within and among the community. Just like other comparable platforms, we welcome everybody from non-African descendency that is interested in these stories to visit our platform – However, we explicity request you to respect the fact that we share stories from an unapologetically African, Afro-carribean or ‘black’ perspective.

Yes, Afrispectives is one part of an overarching project, consisting of three part; An online storymap (Afrispectives), a live event (Africadelic) and an educational toolkit. The storymap, conceptualized by studio GingertheWorld is an exclusive platform for people of African descent, where content can be shared and accessed from an explicitly African perspective. During ‘Africadelic’, a socio-cultural live-event organised by Mano a Mano Producoes, these stories will come to life through, on -stage performances, live music and debates. These stories will also form a reference point for an educational toolkit that will be developed by IDleaks and partners, which will be made available for free to educational professionals in the Netherlands. This project is financed through the Dutch ministry of Social Affairs in the context of the Dutch implementation of the UN decade of people of African Descent. The project facilitators are IDleaks, Mano a Mano Producoes and studio Gingertheworld.

Would you like to help out in any way and join this project, send us your resume and let us know how you would like to contribute to afrispectives@gmail.com

Disclaimer for Afrispectives Storymap

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