A couple of weeks back Julia Chanda Zvobgo, from Afrispectives sat down for a chat with Julian Isenia, PhD researcher at the university of Amsterdam to learn all about LGBTQ, cultural, citizenship in the Dutch Caribbean.

Julian, himself from Curacao, looks at how the LGBTQ community claims their space in society, through for example dance, theatre and personal stories.¬† He challenges the perceived homophobia and stereotypical frames that are often used when referred to the islands. Viewing complete cultures as homophobic, gives the impression that it is impossible to be gay and to live in these societies at the same time. Which of course is not true. Julian’s research focusses on how LGBTQ youth move through society and in which ways they interact with the culture on the islands.

Julian has also received funding through the Decade Innovation Award, to produce a series of portraits within the¬†black LGBTQ community. We for one, at Afrispectives, can’t wait to see them when they come out!


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